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Never Again Draw It Again Meme by DarkFlame75

The amount of detail in your work has gone up so much! It amazes me how much you have improved, Not only since May 20'th, but since i first met you too.

The background is impressive, and that's because you used to complain about your backgrounds. The lighting makes it look so realistic.

I can't really see much of the shading, but considering its a nighttime piece its kind of hard to, but what i can see blends very well.

I know critiques are meant for the artist to find the flaws in his work, but i truly don't see anything wrong with this.

The Background could have meshed a tiny bit better with the foreground, but that's all i can really think of.

All in all, Im proud of you man, you really have improved a ton. Im proud to call your work what I strive to achieve.
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DarkFlame75 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks! And not seeing the shading is something that needs work. The entire piece is a lot darker than I'd realized. It seems my monitor is wrongly calibrated or something. It looks perfectly bright on my screen, but any other display I see it on it's way too dark.
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